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We help our clients navigate organizational challenges and implement meaningful solutions. Our clients know that there is value in an outside perspective, expertise or sometimes just additional hands on deck, and we are happy to be there to help.


Malbay provides seasoned experts in a range of disciplines that are adept at working with small business owners, corporate executives, and government leaders. Our collective experience in small and large business and public sector organizations provides you full access to industry knowledge, functional expertise, best practices, and current industry trends. We can help you plan, prepare and guide you through your initiatives. Our assistance can help to assess the current state, create a future state design, consider implementation risks, develop change management strategies, and help you define success. We are here to support your vision and optimize your organization goals.



Strategic Consulting & Executive Support

Connecting the Dots and Improving Alignment
  • Organizational Design & Development
  • Strategic Planning & Facilitation
  • Leadership Engagement
  • Process Improvement
  • Executive Search
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Compensation Strategy

Data Analysis,
Visualization & Reporting

Data Driven Decision Making
  • Data Science
  • Optimized Business Intelligence, Reports, & Visualizations
  • Workforce Planning

Human Capital
& Learning

Leading with People
  • Learning and Development Programs
  • Performance Management & Competency Modeling
  • Career Pathing
  • Executive & Leadership Path Planning
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Project Management
& Project Support

Management Optimized
  • Project Management
  • Agile
  • Business Analysis

Business Development
& Proposals

Optimizing Growth
  • Business Growth Strategies Aligned to Corporate Goals
  • Capture Planning & Management for Federal, State & Local Opportunities
  • Proposal Support and Technical Writing

Common Client Challenges

Growing PainsGrowth creates ‘good problems to have’.

For small businesses, this may mean establishing more formal processes, creating alignment between organizational goals and performance objectives, establishing HR policies and appraisals, and/or institutionalizing business development.

For larger businesses, this may mean developing strategies to scale existing work functions, considering changes to organizational structures, updating strategic plans, managing change for strategic initiatives, and/or creation of new programs and functions.

Workforce Challenges Recruiting and retaining top talent can be challenging for any organization.

Sometimes the challenges are clearly defined, while other challenges require root cause analysis. Our team is adept at identifying those root causes and defining strategies and solutions tailored and prioritized to create the greatest impact. We understand the full human capital life cycle and the trade-off decisions that facilitate optimizing return on investment (i.e., should you develop the employees you have or recruit new ones with the skills in high demand?).

Using Data to Inform Leadership Decision Making & Priorities

We believe data-driven decision making is a key element of successful workforce and organizational planning – this is a principle that underlies all our client engagements and deliverables. We understand that information informs but does not dictate decision-making; we expect that the best decisions are made when we equip decision-makers with advanced insights helping them understand the impact of on-going initiatives or challenges. We deliver tools and methodologies that offer increased access to insightful data for organizational leaders and project stakeholders, while presenting that information clearly and succinctly. At times, this will include long-term planning horizons and intricate analysis methodologies. At other times, this will take the form of a short-term solution or ad-hoc report to address an immediate, one-time need.

Woman-Owned Small Business with Large Business Experience

Malbay is a certified woman-owned small business with senior executive expertise of nearly 20 years working in both large consulting firms and small businesses and supporting countless public and private sector clients. We are here to support your internal organizational needs or are equally equipped to provide support for captures and proposals for federal opportunities. We are vested in and passionate about your success.

Malbay’s consultants have the ability to address short-term needs, while considering long-term implementation, leaving our clients set up for continued success on their growth trajectory.

Our consultants help clients see the big picture, while facilitating the design of new solutions, analyzing data to support decision making, and provide support for captures and proposals for federal opportunities.

“Working with Malbay was fabulous: even though the requirements and scope changed, their team adjusted and delivered results responsively. The expertise they brought ranged from strategic advisory to in-depth business analysis and technology skills. And the experience they brought from best practices they’d seen and implemented elsewhere added significant value to the solution they crafted for us. The biggest surprise was how quickly they accommodated changing stakeholder constraints – swiftly and gracefully.”


Our Leadership

Meghan Collins Bio Pic

As President and CEO, Meghan Collins has 20 years of experience supporting large and small organizations to meet their strategic, organizational, data & reporting and workforce needs. Meghan brings a passion for creating innovative solutions tailored to meet real-world challenges and implementation risks. Meghan is skilled in leading dynamic teams to create solutions, facilitate data-driven decision making, develop enterprise-wide strategies or implement incremental improvements.  Meghan is currently focused on assisting small and mid-size businesses assess, prioritize, and address the risks and demands associated with growth. Meghan’s clients leverage her expertise in strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, workforce planning and organizational design to support wide ranging initiatives to address policy, process, functional alignment, or people challenges to optimize for growth. As a Maxwell School graduate, Meghan remains deeply connected to public sector work, bringing a functional expertise and experience solving human capital and strategic challenges unique to the federal system. Meghan’s approach to business development founded on her deep understanding of the federal capture process, client challenges and delivering strategic solutions (i.e., human capital, training, strategic communications, change management, BPR) to facilitate improvement to government services and operations. Meghan is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP).


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